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New Product Release!
LED HID Lamps:

Fusion LED HID replacement lamps are designed to provide greater efficiency than
HID technology in a number of different applications.
The 50000 hr lifetime of these lamps far outlast many HID equivalents saving you money
on replacement labor and maintenance costs.

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Introducing a New Product Launch!
LED U-Tube:

The Fusion LED U-tube does not require a
ballast to work and offers a built-in universal line voltage driver,
making it an ideal replacement for standard fluorescent U-tube lamps.
It provides exceptional LED lighting with reduced energy and
maintenance cost.

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Fusion Lamps LEDs:

Fusion Lamps New LED range offer a bright crisp light at
a significant energy cost savings over most traditional
light sources. Fusion LED lamps are mercury free and are
an eco-friendly, efficient way to transform any space.

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Filled with 187 pages of comprehensive
information about our full range
of high quality products
Includes a 23 page informational
section for education on newest
developments in lighting
Download a copy today!


In any restaurant or hotel, making your guests feel comfortable and setting a particular mood is one of the most important keys to sucess. You can dictate the mood in the room by using a range of lamps to achieve the perfect ambiance. Fusion LED and Halogen lamps are a perfect example of this. Giving off a soothing warm hue and offering crisp light that brings out detail in any setting. Fusion offers a full range of LED, Halogen & Incandecent lamps for you to set the perfect mood for any restaurant or hotel.

In any retail application there are a number of objectives that lighting can achieve if done properly. Driving customers to the product with strategicly placed luminaires is part of that. But just as placement is important, so is the type of lamp you use. High CRI is key in retail locations. Proper color rendering could be the difference between your guest buying or walking. Fusion offers a large range of High CRI lamps for you to choose from including our LED, Ceramic Metal Halide, Halogen & Incandescent lamps.

In order to have a productive workspace, lighting is crucial. Bright general lighting is a small part of that. Another very important part of a good workspace and office is effective task lighting. Wether you’re reading a photocopy, typing emails or having a meeting, good lighting is a big part of creating a productive and energetic workspace.

Our Fusion 800 series fluorescent tubes are an excellent choice for bright general lighting. They feature a high CRI rate and come in a wide range of color temperatures making them a good choice for any application. For task lighting, we offer a wide range of LED, Halogen, Incandecent & Ceramic Metal Halide lamps to help you get the job done.

Lighting can do more than just set a mood or help you complete a task. In low light situations lighting can keep us safe from harm while were driving, walking in a neighborhood or even outside our own homes. In parking lots, sidewalks and garages everywhere lighting is helping to keep people from harm. Fusion offers a wide range of high output lamps for any outdoor application. Fusions HID lamps offer a high lumen per watt, perfect for street lamps and other outdoor applications.

We at Fusion Lamps understand that the quality of light can effect the mind, the body and also give us the ability to visually perceive objects as they were intended.

Lighting is a blend of art and science that is being driven by the continuous evolution of design and new technologies. Different light sources can dramatically change the look and feel of a space.

Fusion Lamps understands the importance of selecting the right light source for your unique application. This section has been designed to assist you in that process, by giving you suggestions for choosing the best lamp for your specific application.

When it comes to the residential market, there is wide array of lighting requirements. From the garage, to the dining area, to the bathrooms—each room in a home can call for a unique lighting solution. Fusion Lamps offers a variety of lighting styles and colors to fit every home owner application.

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